Lisa P. via Facebook 

Sharpe Computer is great local company. I have had great experience with them. I had repairs done back in Nov. I did something stupid this past week, took it to him and he said it is an easy fix for him at no charge. Give him a chance, he won't disappoint!!!

They recovered my notes
Mike H. via Yahoo

I am going to RCC and taking online classes. I lost all of my notes from the whole semester. I thought they were gone forever, but Sharpe found them and also removed the virus that was hiding them from me.
I also had some very personal information on there that I needed. I will not go anywhere else but to Sharpe Computers in the future.

Rosie via Yahoo Business

I am a teacher with the Rockingham County School System. In trying to learn "new tricks" on my computer so I could 'teach the children,' I created an odd desktop display ... one that would require the proping up of my computer at a 90 degree angle to be able to read and continue computing. (Not good.)

No matter what additional buttons I pushed on the keyboard, I could not return my desktop screen to it's original friendly display. My husband (a.k.a. my personal computer trouble shooter) first laughed at my dilemma, then attempted to fix it, then cursed a little. After a few choice words, he gently closed the lid as one would close the lid on a coffin and said he did not know how to help me or the computer.

The next day, I placed a call to Sharpe Computers and arranged to drop my poor mistreated PC off for repairs. Within 24 hours, I was notified that the problem was fixed and I could pick my computer up at my convenience. What a deal!

I'm not sure whether Mr. Sharpe got a chuckle out of my computer dilemma or not, but he was quite the gentleman - not laughing in my presence anyway! The next time my personal computer trouble shooter (a.k.a. "Fred") has a dilemma on HIS computer, I will be more than pleased to tell him "where to go!"

For your computer repairs and for ours, I am pleased to recommend Sharpe Computer in Eden.